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This page contains a list of resources I’ve found helpful in the past.

System Administration Generally (Linux)

Sites with Exim Info

Caveat: Some of these sites are older sites and while the concepts presented are helpful to gaining an understanding of Exim, Exim itself has moved on in its development. Don’t just “drop in” an ACL or a configuration setting and expect it to “just work”. Unfortunately, a lot of sites don’t date the pages so it’s hard to tell how up to date things are.

Exim Cheat Sheets

Thanks to the authors of these cheat sheets. The info has helped me out on several occasions.

“NGINXâ„¢ is a high performance edge web server with the lowest memory footprint and the key features to build modern and efficient web infrastructure.” - NGINX

Pronounced “engine-ex”. - documentation, FAQ, HowTo, etc. wiki - note that some information may be out of date. I believe the preferred site for documentation is now although all of the documentation hasn’t been migrated over to the new site. See this discussion.