Drupal 8

Drush cron's not so quiet --quiet flag

I use drush to execute cron on my Drupal sites. After upgrading drush from version 5 to version 8, I started receiving empty emails from cron each time drush was executed. Checked my cron entries and everything looked fine. Researched a whole bunch on the Internet. Couldn’t find much of anything about empty emails related to drush so I redirected the output to a log. Sure enough, even with the –quiet option, drush cron still outputs a blank line.

Script: Assemble NGINX Configuration Files

merge-ngx-conf.pl is a perl script used to assemble a set of nginx configuration files for one site. It has a number of options. See the bitbucket page or the help documentation in the script itself. In its simplest form, it’s called by issuing this command: merge-ngx-conf.pl /path/sites-available/filename The output is an assembled nginx configuration file with all the includes inserted. Using nginx.conf and domain.conf (or just domain.conf depending on the options selected), the script iterates through the include directives in the files and inserts the text from the referenced file.